Why You Should Wear Pocket Squares

Pocket square is basically a piece of cloth used as a decorative addition to a blazer or suit jacket. While it seems not much different from handkerchief, pocket square is a symbol of well-dressed men. It shows your true gentility and attention to detail. That’s why, it is essential.

Now that you might start considering to wear it, here are some basic guides:

1. It doesn’t have to match your tie.

You can match your tie with it on formal occasions or play around with the color and patterns for more casual events.

2. Your first pocket square doesn’t have to be folded in a complicated way.

In example, you can start with a simple square fold which is referred to as a presidential square fold.

3. Don’t be afraid to wear it everywhere.

Photo credit: The Cuff

You could wear it with jacket and tie for all formal occasions, and combine it with blazer without tie for more casual events.

Remember, the point of a pocket square is to express your personality through your clothing. It might be small but it does matter. So, grab a square and start experimenting with colors, folds, and patterns until you find something that really suits you.

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